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The Norwegian language test

About the Norwegian language test offers a digital Norwegian language test. The Norwegian language test is included in all of our course packages and the result is used to recommend at what level you should begin the course. You can also take the test free of charge and without obligation directly from by clicking on the button at the bottom of this page. If you decide to order the course after having taken the Norwegian language test, it is not necessary to take the test again.

To take the Norwegian language test you must first fill out a simple registration form and subsequently log in with the username and password you will then receive in an e-mail. You can choose the language that you want for instruction. The languages available are Norwegian, English, Swedish and Danish. The Norwegian language test has two parts: a written part and a listening part. You must for that reason have sound on your computer.

Take the language test

How does the language test function?

The test is based on two methods: Self-assessment, where you personally evaluate your Norwegian language knowledge, and self-tests, where you choose the correct answers to the exercises. You start each test part by filling out a simple self-assessment form, where you try to evaluate your Norwegian language level.

The Norwegian language test is made up of five tests:

  • Writing /grammar and vocabulary
  • Reading skills
  • Listening skills
  • Speaking skills
  • Conversation skills

What is the level of the Norwegian language test?

The level of the test will be adapted automatically, according to your answers. If you have more than 90% correct answers on a particular test, you will receive an offer to take the test at a higher level. If you have less than 20% correct answers on a particular test, you will receive an offer to take the test at a lower level. The levels are: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2. The levels correspond with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, CEFR.

How much time does the language test take?

The test is individual and the time spent on it can therefore vary from person to person. The test takes between ½ and 1½ hour. You can interrupt the test at any time, and log on again later to complete the language test.

How do you receive the results?

When you have finished the language test, you can read the results of each individual test on your computer screen. The test result will also be sent automatically to your e-mail address and to is not permitted to use your e-mail address for other purposes.

Our Norwegian courses

Course offer >

Course offer

At CampusOnline we offer wide range of approved ewb-based courses in Norwegian as well as online course in civis and social studies (samfunnskunnskap).

Simply go to course overview and choose level and one of our three recognized and well-tried e-learning programs: Migranorsk, Veien inn and Mot målet. Pick the one that best suits your way of learning. Then choose length and number of tutoring hours and individual course package is ready for instant delivery  :)

Approved Norwegian course >

Approved course

All general Norwegian courses with supervision available at are approved by Norwegian authorities and may serve as documentation of obligatory Norwegian instruction required for application for a permanent residence permit. When signing up for a course you may choose between a regular language course and an approved language course.

Please note that self-study courses may not be used as documentation of obligatory Norwegian instruction and are not eligible for application for permament residency permit/citizenship.

Personal online tutor >

Personal Norwegian tutor

At the start of the course you will be assigned a personal online tutor who will help you with the Norwegian language instruction.

All of the course packages from include supervised sessions with experienced online supervisors.

Read more about personal online Norwegian tutor
Self-study course >

Course as self-study

During a self-study course you work on your own using the interactive e-learning program. You can use all functions within the program, but you will not be able to sent completed tasks and assignments to online tutor. Self-study is suitable for those with good work-discipline.

Self-study is not approved by Norwegian authorities as official documentation of your knowledge of Norwegian. Most of our courses offer online tuition and they are approved when applying for permanent residence permit.

Corporate customers >

Corporate customers

We provide packages with approved Norwegian language courses for corporate customers.

Included in the course packages are regular reporting and follow-up. The person responsible for the courses in the company will receive reports throughout the course with up-to-date information about the students’ progress and results.

We can also tailor courses to the company’s particular requirements. If you want to learn more, please contact

Course format >

Course format

Once you have sent in your registration form, you will receive a confirmation in an e-mail, which also contains your username and password, and information about your course.

Your personal Norwegian tutor will contact you directly. The results of the Norwegian language test you will take, along with the input of your personal online supervisor, will ensure that you start the course at the correct level. You can work with the course when you like and at your own pace. You will work with multimedia texts containing intricately connected texts, images, videos, explanations of words and assignments.

Read more about our course format
Technical requirements >

Technical requirements

You need a computer with a sound card and must be sure that the computer has an Internet connection with enough capacity to allow transfer of the course contents, including the multimedia elements.

Read more

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View demo

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