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When signing up for a course you choose whether you want to carry out the course on self-study basis or work together with an online teacher. If you choose the latter option, you will also be able to decide exactly how many hours of online consultations with a personal tutor you want to buy. Although our interactive programs give you the unique opportunity to study on your own, we definitely recommend adding online consultations to your course package. Even the coolest interactive program cannot substitute live conversation training and advice from an experienced teacher.

You might now be wondering how will your online consultations look? Most of it, especially conversation training, will take place on Skype, but some of the communication will also go through the online learning portal and email. You teacher is your personal advisor and may help you with virtually any aspect of the course, from helping you set up an individual learning plan, through correcting your assignments and answering your questions or clearing up the most puzzling grammar issues to training pronunciation of the tricky vowels on Skype.

2-3 days after signing up, you will receive an email from your tutor inviting you to a Skype-meeting. This will be the opportunity for you to share your thoughts, ideas and aims with your teacher. You may decide if you want to focus on practicing speaking skills or writing essays depending on your individual needs and plans.

Please remember that if you need an approved certificate, you can only get registered 12 hours per week (maximum). Of these 12 hours, two hours need to be with supervision from your online teacher.

Our Norwegian courses

Course offer >

Course offer

We offer three differend kinds of online Norwegian courses:

  • Certified course with supervision
  • Supervised courses
  • Self-study courses

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Approved courses >

Approved courses

You can get registered a maximum of 12 hours per week. Of all the completed and approved hours, 1/6 has to include supervision from your online teacher. The supervision can be realized through Skype sessions, phone calls, written or oral feedback.

All our approved courses can be extended. The certificate you recieve after completing the course, can be used as documentation in conjuction with application for permanent residency in Norway.

Read more: and Kompetanse Norge (former VOX).

Online teacher >

Online teacher

At the start of the course you will be assigned a online teacher who will help you with the Norwegian language instruction.

All of the course packages from include supervised sessions with experienced online teachers.

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Self-study course >

Course as self-study

During a self-study course you work on your own using the interactive e-learning program. You can use all functions within the program, but you will not be able to send completed tasks and assignments to online teacher. The certificate you recieve after completing the course cannot be used in conjuction with application for permanent residency in Norway.

You can at any time purchase online tutoring sessions with an online teacher.

Corporate customers >

Corporate customers

We provide packages with approved Norwegian language courses for corporate customers.

Included in the course packages are regular reporting and follow-up. The person responsible for the courses in the company will receive reports throughout the course with up-to-date information about the students’ progress and results.

We can also tailor courses to the company’s particular requirements. If you want to learn more, please contact

Course format >

Course format

Once you have sent in your registration form, you will receive a confirmation in an e-mail, which also contains your username and password, and information about your course.

If you are unsure about which level to choose, we recommend that you take the Norwegian language test. You can work with the course when you like and at your own pace. You will work with multimedia texts containing intricately connected texts, images, videos, explanations of words and assignments.

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Technical requirements >

Technical requirements

You need a computer with a sound card and must be sure that the computer has an Internet connection with enough capacity to allow transfer of the course contents, including the multimedia elements.

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